The use of correct, appropriate packaging materials is essential for any move.
For example, Garment Carriers are useful portable wardrobes specifically designed to carry customers garments, resulting in crease-free and protective transportation. Our boxes are double-walled strong cardboard cartons – varying in size which are used for the packing of your personal possessions.

China Paper
For the wrapping of delicate glass/china ware/other fragile items.

Export Wrapping Paper: Designed for wrapping antique furniture and for items to be exported abroad.


Strong adhesive tape is used with all our packaging materials.

Transit Blankets: All our vehicles carry transit blankets to protect your furniture whilst being transported.

Carpet Protectors

These are used with any type of removal to help protect the carpets whilst the removal crew are working within the property.

Ties and Straps
Used within our vehicles to secure your items when they are in transit.
Sack Barrows: Designed for removing heavy items such as kitchen appliances and filing cabinets.
Piano Truck
Designed for the safe removal of all upright pianos.
Piano Slipper: Designed specifically for the safe removal of grand pianos.
Polythene Mattress Covers: Can be provided at the customer’s request.
All of our packaging materials are supplied in advance of your move for you to pack at your convenience. For more details view our Home Moving Kits