Fixtures & Fittings
All of these items should be taken down in advance for example: Curtain poles/Pictures/Mirrors and any other items fixed to walls and ceilings.

Self Assembly / Kit Furniture
Dismantling and re-assembling of this kind of furniture where required is not covered in our quotation, and therefore should be undertaken by yourselves or a qualified trade person at your discretion.

White Goods / Gas / Electrical Appliances
All of these items should be disconnected in advance of removal day by a competent or qualified trades person.

Transit Brackets or Fixing Bolts

Should be attached to washing machines by yourselves before being moved (please read your manufacturer’s instructions)

Packing of Personal / Fragile Items

Give yourself sufficient space when undertaking any form of packing. Start to pack at least three weeks prior to your move. Records, CD’s and plates should be placed on their end when packing. Book cartons should be filled about half full and soft furnishings, towels etc placed on top to complete the box.

Safety Precautions

Never overfill a box with items sticking out of the top and make sure
the box is completely sealed. Ensure boxes are of a weight that can be easily moved.


Unless your loft has adequate stair casing, (not ladders) lighting and flooring, any items should be taken down in advance and placed in a bedroom.


If during your removal process you require storage, please make sure that any
perishable items or garden plants are catered for elsewhere and personal documents, for example, passport, driving license, mortgage papers are kept separately by yourself for quick and easy access.

Garage & Shed Contents

These form an integral part of the move and are sometimes overlooked and should be packed accordingly. Please be aware that any gas cylinders/turps/paint/oil, petrol or any other flammable substances are your responsibility and must be transported or stored by yourself.


Please be aware this is just a general guide. If you require any further assistance please contact your local branch via the contact number at the top of this page.