When it comes to moving home size and space are at a premium and today’s modern furniture sometimes does not always fit into rooms of choice at Halls Removals we recognise and understand this problem and have the knowledge tools and equipment to provide you with a fully bespoke dismantling and reassembling service on certain items of furniture.


Where possible we will endeavour to move and transport all items of furniture in its current built up state unless the item in question is to large unsafe or will not come down the stairs and pass thew doorways then it maybe necessary to dismantle the item due to access restrictions and to conform with health and safety regulations.


When we arrive we at your new location we will endeavour to place all items of furniture into rooms of choice ( access permitting ) it is worth bearing in mind some items of furniture that came out of your previous location may not go back into your new property for example the stairs are of a different configuration or its a three storey development and we would advise that this be pointed out to us on your free no obligation home survey to ascertain your personal requirements.


If you have the original assembly instructions of the item or product in question this can be of great help but this is not an essential element to provide this service and you may find it very helpful should you wish to undertake this task yourself.


Access generally in most cases is fine and adequate but rest assured should you need any items to be dismantled and reassembled we have the knowledge and equipment to provide this service if you have any questions or would like to discuss the matter in further detail please contact us on the phone numbers at the top of this page were one of our representatives will be more than happy to help and advise you.