The Key to a stress free move is preparation and planning. Here are some examples of things to do (and remember) prior to moving.

5-6 weeks before move date

  • Confirm (approximate) date of move
  • Book removal surveys (3-4 max)
  • Check home insurance date will start on the right date
  • Notify utilities of departure
  • Order new furniture or carpets if needed
  • Start clearing lofts/garages etc. General de-clutter

3-4 weeks before move date

  • Select your removal company
  • Order any packaging materials needed (see packaging)
  • Let TV/phone/broadband services know move date
  • Notify doctors, dentists, vets, churches, schools etc.

2-3 weeks before move date

  • Start packing non-essentials
  • Notify milk/paperboy of move
  • Email friends and family with new contact address details

1-2 weeks before move date

  • Confirm arrangements with removal company (times etc.)
  • Make neighbours aware for parking or access issues
  • Arrange for children or pets to be looked after
  • Pack up any items that won’t be needed now

3-4 days before moving date

  • Really concentrate on only having essentials left to pack now
  • Keep out phone chargers, wallets/purses, keys and any documentation needed regarding your move
  • Dismantle any furniture that you have decided to do yourselves and keep all fittings secure
  • Sort all keys out for your property and perhaps label them for the new people
  • Prepare a bag of items for your last night so that the rest can be packed away
  • Prepare garden items all into one area

Move day

  • Pack up your final bits and pieces
  • Reminisce about old memories
  • Relax, safe in the knowledge that we are going to look after you
  • Do a final walk around ensuring nothing is left behind.